Sprout Arts is a not-for-profit community arts centre run by unpaid volunteers, and our Art Loan initiative relies on the support of members and donations.


The whole idea is that the artwork is loaned for free, to encourage people to try something new and engage with original art and local artists. The Art Loan initiative is also run entirely by unpaid volunteers but we have been incurring running costs.


We have asked for the artists to donate their work (although they will receive payment if it is sold) and most of them have kindly provided framed pieces, but we have had to frame some works and there are also costs for printing publicity and leaflets and for running this website - as well as for putting on the Art Loan event itself.

We welcome any donations and we would love to hear from any companies interested in hosting an Art Loan event or becoming a sponsor and corporate member of Sprout.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership of Sprout costs £75 a year which will include the chance to borrow up to 6 works of art after our Art Loan events - which can be displayed in your offices or public areas. Just like normal members, you must return the art for the next Art Loan event (unless you wish to buy any) and more can be borrowed afterwards.

Corporate members will also get the chance to sponsor special exhibitions at Sprout - such as The Secret Postcard Show and New Faces - which will include promotion across social media and having your logo added to publicity materials, and on SproutOut website.

Corporate members will be invited to attend all the Sprout Private Views and special events such as The Garden Party.

Please email us if you are interested: sproutcommunityarts@gmail.com


Please visit Sprout Arts on Moyser Road to make a donation, we welcome any help. If you buy goods online at companies like Amazon or Ebay you can support 'Sprout Community Arts' on www.easyfundraising.org.uk 


Many members of Sprout Arts also volunteer to help, from supporting our quarterly Art Loan events, to a once-a-year spring clean of the premises and invigilating gallery sessions (usually 3 hours); volunteering doesn't have to be art related - organisational skills and help with accounts are seriously needed.

Volunteers need to be members and there are regular orienteering sessions, please contact Sprout to learn more. 

Poppy Mardall; Poppy's Funerals,

Poppy Mardall from Poppy's Funerals is a Corporate Member of Sprout Arts, pictured here with one of the artworks they will display

'Sprout Arts Art Loan scheme is tremendous. For a very reasonable fee we have borrowed a series of stunning, original artworks which hang on the walls of our client meeting rooms and offices. Art transforms the workplace - it connects us with our humanity.

We feel so lucky to be part of the scheme and we can't wait for the next exhibition.'

Poppy Mardall, Director, Poppy's Funerals