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Art Loan Feb 2020

Returning your art-loan

Everyone who borrowed a work of art from us must return it in plenty of time for the next event - you will be emailed with details a couple of weeks before and get in touch as soon aspossible if there is a problem.

You should return your current loans to Sprout Arts on Moyser Road

We'd love you to share your experience on social media and please do send any thoughts and suggestions!

How do I join the Sprout Art Loan scheme?

  • You must become a member of Sprout Arts to borrow the work: Visit Sprout Arts at 76 Moyser Road, London SW16 6SQ or go to
    Download the form HERE and email to: 


  • Sprout Membership costs just £10 which helps to support Sprout as a community initiative. You will receive email updates, private view invitations - including an opportunity to preview events like the Christmas Market and enjoy a free drink and nibbles at events while meeting the artists. If there is any problem paying membership fees please let us know.

  • Sprout Artists' Memberships are available for £15 - for any Artist hoping to exhibit, perform, run workshops or clubs, or sell items through Sprout, or to submit their work to our Art Loan scheme. In addition, you will receive email updates, private view and event invitations with snacks and drinks to enjoy. We also have a regular Monday morning Artist's Hub, please email Sprout for details.

  • Corporate Memberships are also available - with options to borrow more works for display in your workplace and other promotional opportunities including logos on this website. Read more HERE 

  • You will be invited to all Art Loan events and must attend in person to collect the work. You must fill out a loan agreement form and provide proof of address so we can check it matches with your membership details.

  • You must also be willing to have your photo taken with the artwork, this is to reduce the risk of items being stolen and will not be published without permission.

  • The loan is for 6 months and the same work can not be borrowed twice, it should be returned in plenty of time for the next Art Loan event.

  • You can view the artworks on offer on our gallery HERE  and you can make enquiries or express your interest but cannot 'order' it beforehand.

What's if the work gets damaged?

Membership Form 2020.jpg
  • This is not planned to be a ‘try before you buy’ scheme but if you do want to buy it at the loan event or, rather than hand it back after 6 months purchase it then, we will let you know the price.

  • If you like a piece of work, the artists may have additional print-runs available for sale or have similar artworks, or new work can be commissioned - this should be indicated on their gallery page

  • At the ArtLoan event the work will be available to buy then as well as to loan - so we often add pieces during the loan event which helps us refresh the work as much as possible!

What's if the work gets damaged?

  • This whole scheme is based on trust. We expect you to enjoy and look after the artwork but understand accidents do happen and hopefully you'll be able to make good.

  • If the frame is damaged please replace it before returning.

  • If the work is stolen or damaged in floods or fire or in any accident  please let us know as soon as possible. 

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