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Artist Sue with the art-loaner who borrowed her artwork

What's in it for me as an artist?

  • We will promote every artist who participates, on social media and in our community gallery. The online gallery will have full details about the work and the artist, (which the artist should provide before the loan) including contact details, links to their websites and any upcoming exhibitions.

  • We believe that the people who loan the artwork will become interested in the artist, show it off to their friends and buy other work directly from the artist.

  • Although this is not a 'try before you buy' scheme, in the first year many people who loaned work went on to buy it and over £1000 worth of sales were made. If someone offers to buy the artwork, the artist will be informed and will be offered the proceeds, less commission (currently 20% for work under £100, 25% for work £101-£300) and any expenses such as framing. 

  • You will be invited to all Art Loan events and have the chance to meet other artists as well as people who are interested in art.

  • Some pieces of work will be displayed at local venues and cafes, which will help promote the artist as well as in the Art Loan scheme.

  • A similar scheme is running in Holloway, to see how it works please visit

What work is suitable?

  • We prioritise smaller works (A3 or similar) but are happy to include larger framed pieces and small 3D items too. It can be in any format or medium including photography and textiles, and it must be your original work.

  • Work should not be valuable or important to you because it is NOT insured whilst on loan. Most work is between £60 to £200, although some pieces have been more.


  • Your artwork should be something you would be proud to see on display in someone's home and should be available to buy. Any piece of work can be submitted of any subject, but please remember it will be promoted across social media.

  • Ideally work should be submitted framed; we can provide framing but it will be very basic white or black and a standard size - we cannot offer bespoke framing.

  • Artists must be members of Sprout and should be over 18 and residing in South West London.

How do I submit my work?

  • You must belong to Sprout as an artist member, the loans will take place twice a year in January and July. You can contact us at any time about becoming part of the scheme and we will prioritise new artists as we want to offer our members a wide range of new work each time. 

  • We will arrange a suitable time and place for you to deliver it , usually about a week before the event.

  • Please email a photograph and details of the work to including the medium, size and information about yourself, including your social media, contact and website. Please include the price!

  •  In the unlikely event that your artwork isn't loaned out or placed in a local venue then we will need you to collect it, as we don't want to store it where it may be damaged.

What are the risks in loaning my work?

  • The scheme is built around trust, without it the scheme can not run. Over the last 4 years of running the scheme no artworks have been lost or damaged. Artists 'loan' their work on the understanding that, although Sprout will endeavour to ensure the work is returned undamaged, we can NOT guarantee this and can NOT be held liable for lost or stolen work.

  • There will always be a danger that work could be damaged or stolen,  Sprout cannot insure against this – we mitigate the risks by insisting the artwork can only be collected in person, the borrower must also be a member of Sprout and we would have their names, addresses and a photograph of them with the artwork.

  • After each art loan event any artworks that have not be loaned out or placed in a local venue will be returned to the artist to ensure it is not damaged in storage. It is a good idea to change it with another piece for the next loan (it can NOT be returned while it is being loaned out).

  • Sprout reserves the right to raffle, sell, or auction donated works of art if the artist doesn't want it returned - and the proceeds will be retained to help support Sprout Arts.

  • The scheme is built on trust, because we feel that if the loan becomes expensive or complicated it defeats the objective.

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