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Businesses love our Art Loan opportunity

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

We have two new corporate members who will be brightening their walls with our artwork on their cafe walls.

Taştê Kurdish Café, who will be displaying a colourful choice of artwork in their café in Tooting at 91 Mitcham Road. Run by sisters Yeter, Suna, Mary, Sonay and their cousin (and award winning chef!) Haydar, they’re bringing homemade, healthy Kurdish food to Tooting, including sharing breakfasts and lunches. Taştê means breakfast in Kurdish language!

Also Wyatt Watt's popular coffee shop next to Tooting Bec tube has joined the scheme with several works on display, they said they love the idea of new artworks every few months as well as supporting local artists whose work and details will be on display.

We also loan out work to Moorfield's Eye Clinic in St George's Hospital and The Living Room Space - and are happy to hear from more businesses or public places that are interested

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