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Sprout Arts is a community gallery, our aim is to support artists and encourage local people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in creative activities and appreciate original art. Which is how we came up with our Community Art Loan initiative.

We had an amazing January Art Loan, with lots of lovey new artworks - and lots of new people discovering our great community gallery. We'd love to see a photograph of yourselves with your art loan, please tag us on on social media.


We run the Art Loan twice a year - the next one will be in July 2024.

New artists are welcome to join the scheme and we urgently need supporters who can help us run this event in the future - please email

The idea of starting initiative is simple, people who are members of Sprout (subscription is £10 a year) will be able to borrow an original work of art for six months and pay nothing, the artwork would then be available to someone else or could be bought. Everyone is welcome to join.


The hope is that people who have never had original artwork in their homes will realise how wonderful it is and go on to become art enthusiasts and encourage their friends and neighbours too. Lending sessions will take place twice a year and will allow Sprout members to borrow one artwork every six months free of charge.

Visit our gallery to see what art is available to borrow and about the artists - new artists and artworks will be added before every loan event

If you are an artist and would like to join the scheme or if you would like to borrow some art for your home or as a corporate member please check out our FAQ pages and get in touch. 

Find out how to become a member HERE, if you are an artist and wish to join this scheme find out more HERE.  We would love to hear from any companies interested in hosting an Art Loan event or becoming a sponsor and corporate member of Sprout, read more HERE

Visit our News-Blog for details and photos HERE

Blue Woman (2 MB)
Sue Owen Sue Homestead
Ann Funston tulips
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